The Historic Porsche 956 Collection

The Porsche 956 and 962 is already acknowledged as the most successful sportscar of all time
  • Porsche 956-008 Works

    Driven by Stefan Bellof and Jochen Mass, this newly-built car led the 1984 Le Mans 24hrs for four hours and won the Norisring Gold race. 

  • Porsche 956-110

    The 1983 Brands Hatch 1,000km winner, and the only ever Porsche 956 to win on American soil after winning the Can Am at Road America.

  • Porsche 956B-114

    Factory-built car in identical spec to works Rothmans car, replete with fetching green Skoal-Bandit podium-winning livery.

Porsche 956 Works & World Championship Cars

There were 10  'Works Rothmans' factory chassis numbers: The factory still owns '002'. Both '004' and '010' were used as crash test mules. '005' was broken up for spares, '006' was a wind tunnel and development car that never raced. '007' was crashed at the Nurburgring in '83 and used as a show car in the USA until this year, now in restoration. '003' won Le Mans in 1983 and is now in long term ownership in an extremely important European collection. '009' is the 1984 championship winning car and was acquired by us in 2015.

PORSCHE 956 Customer cars - 12 built in total, 9 for use in the World Championship, 2 purely for Japan and one test mule for McLaren Tag turbo engine.

For the 1983 season, Porsche made available the 956 for selected leading private teams. Numbers start at 956 - 101 This comprised of the Fitzpatrick, Kremer, Lloyd and Joest teams, plus a car for the German Obermaeir team. Of a total batch of 8 examples initially constructed, chassis 101 went to Kremer, 102 to Fitzpatrick, 103 to the American Preston Henn team - to go on to race in Japan. Chassis 104 and 105 went to the Joest team, Chassis 106 to Richard Lloyd, chassis 107 was kept by the works as a test bed for their TAG formula 1 engine.

Chassis 108 went directly to the TRUST team to race purely in Japan and chassis 9 went to Obermaier. Fitzpatrick ordered a second car to compete at Le Mans that year, team Brun joined 956 owners in July and the final car went straight in to the Japan based Matsuda collection.