Porsche 962-003 BM

One of the most successful World Championship 962s in period.
  • Raced at Le Mans 1989 & 1990

    10th - 11th June 1989 at the 24 Hours Le Mans: H. Grohs/A. Nakaya/S. v.d. Merwe. 16-17 June 1990 at the 24 Hours Le Mans: H. Huysman/M. Sigala/ B. Santal.

    Short Tail Sprint Body

    Retains the original full, high downforce short tail Sprint body, used in period. The original Le Mans body is also included.

    Le Mans Body Included

    Carbon Honeycomb Tub

    Very rare, part carbon, part aluminium honeycomb bespoke Thompson chassis example. This particular spec of chassis was commissioned and built for the front running Brun team

    Lead Team Car for 1989 World Championship

    Bespoke Thompson Chassis

    2nd in Mexico 1990

    Complete History

    The history includes Le Mans, Brands Hatch, the Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps - as Hydro Aluminium, From-A & Jagermeister.


  • 1989 Brun Motorsport 'Hydro Aluminium' Porsche 962-003BM

    One of the most successful World Championship 962's in period

    Both the complete 1989 season original FIA Scrutineer's passbook and the 1990 ONS Wagenpass

    Retains the original 1990 Le Mans body as well as the full Sprint spec configuration

    Very competitive proposition for historic Group C

    Raced in period with high downforce nose and short tail, separate rear wing configuration

    Full late works spec "Fully water cooled, MP 1.7" engine

    Part of the Historic Porsche Collection since 2001.

    1989 Season

    9 Apr: 480KM Suzuka: H. Huysman/J. Varjosaari, #5; DNF. HYDRO ALUMINUM.

    21 May: Coupe de Dijon: H. Huysman/U. Schafer, #5; 9th.

    10-11 Jun: 24 Hours Le Mans:  H. Grohs/A. Nakaya/S. v.d. Merwe, #5; DNF. From A

    25 Jun: 200 Meilen Norisring: W. Brun, #3; 5th. JAGERMEISTER.

    23 Jul: Brands Hatch Trophy: H. Huysman/F. Konrad, #5; 15th.

    6 Aug: ADAC Diepholz: W. Brun, #3; 4th.

    20 Aug: ADAC Trophy, Nurburgring: H. Huysman/U. Schafer, #5; 12th.

    3 Sep: Donington: H. Huysman/O. Larrauri, #5; 5th. HYDRO ALUMINIUM.

    17 Sep: Coupes de Spa-Francorchamps: H. Huysman/U. Schafer, #5; DNF.

    24 Sep: ADAC Supersprint Nurburgring: W. Brun, #3; DNF.

    29 Oct: Trofeo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico: H. Huysman/O. Larrauri, #5; 2nd.

    1990 Season

    29 April: Monza 480Km: M. Sigala/E.Elgh, #17; 12th TORNO.

    16-17 Jun: 24 Hours Le Mans: H. Huysman/M. Sigala/ B. Santal, #15; 10th. HYDRO ALUMINIUM.

    Sold to Willy Koenig

    Raced in Interserie in 1990 (as 962.006BM, which he also owned, awaiting repair)

    Featured in full performance figures road test  - June 1989

    Featured in the Koenig 962 promotional video

    1998: Sold to Tony O’Neill - Currrent livery: 1990 Le Mans Hydro Aluminium, #15,

    Original Le Mans body - Also has original short tail body/sprint nose.

    Still has 1990 Monza scrutineering label on bulkhead