Porsche 962-201

Achieved the final podium position for a 962 in a World Championship round.





You’re not likely to miss this 962, with its bright pink bodywork. 

A sister car for 962/200 and also with a Nigel Stroud tub, it’s debut race was at Le Mans, in black Raika colours in 1989 with David Hobbs, Steven Andskar and future F1 world champion Damon Hill in his one and only outing at La Sarthe.

 It retired from 9th position in the 14th hour and also ran as a second team entry at Brands Hatch and the Nurburgring that season. It gained its pink body courtesy of sponsor Italya Sports for 1990 and was the sole team entry, and was raced for the full world championship season, mainly by James Weaver and Manuel Reuter, who were joined by Steven Andskar for it’s return to Le Mans, which sadly again ended in retirement. 

Most significantly in September the pairing of Andskar and Reuter came third at Montreal in what would turn out to be the final podium position for a 962 in a world championship round.

More recently, it has been used in historic Group C, with Win Percy’s 962 debut putting the car on the front row at Silverstone in 2003, and it did a full historic season with Henry Pearman in 2005 and went on in 2008 to win the historic Group C championship with Henry Pearman and Mike Wilds driving and is still wearing it’s original 1990 livery and paint.

1988: 3.0 Turbo

06/3: 800 Km Jerez: D.Bell/J.Weaver, #15; DNA - entered, did not arrive
10/4: Monza 1000 Km: D.Bell/J.Weaver, #15; DNA - entered, did not arrive
11-12/6: 24 Hours Le Mans: #15; DNA - entered, did not arrive
Sponsored by Porshe Cars Great Britain - painted black

1989 Season

Race DateRaceColoursDriversCar No.Result
10 - 11/06/198924 Hours Le MansRaikaS. Andskar / D. Hobbs / D. Hill#15DNF
23/07/1989Brands Hatch Trophy J. Weaver / D. Hunt#15DNF
20/08/1989ADAC Trophy NurburgringPorsche GB B. Gachot / S. Andskar#1511th
03/09/1989Wheatcroft Gold Cup, Donington D.Bell/T.Needell#14DNS (Practice)
17/09/1989Coupes de Spa-Francorchamps T.Needell/S.Andskar#14DNF (Engine)

Sponsored by Italya Sports - painted pink & white

1990 Season - Pink / White Italya Sports Sponsorship

Race DateRaceDriversCar No.Result
29/04/1990480Km MonzaM. Reuter / J. Weaver#1417th
20/05/1990480Km SilverstoneM. Reuter / J.S. Andskar#1411th
03/06/1990480Km Spa-FrancorchampsM. Reuter / J. Weaver#146th
16/06/199024 Hours Le MansM. Reuter / J. Weaver#43DNF
22/07/1990480Km DijonM. Reuter #14DNS
19/08/1990480Km NurburgringM. Reuter / J.S. Andskar#14DNF
02/09/1990480Km DoningtonM. Reuter / J.S. Andskar#1411th
23/09/1990480Km MontrealM. Reuter / J.S. Andskar#143rd
07/10/1990480Km Mexico City:M. Reuter / P.McCarthy#14DNF

Current livery: Still in 1990 Mexico paint and livery, including scrutineer’s labels, #14