Porsche 962-108

Jim Busby - Chapman tub - 1989 Daytona 24 hour winner, Derek Bell's last 24 hr win - billed in period as "The world's fastest 962" - unique body design to this car







1988/89 PORSCHE 962 Chassis number: 962-108 CO2 Miller High Life & B.F Goodrich THE 1989 DAYTONA 24 HOURS OVERALL WINNER and 2nd in 1988 - starting from pole. The 1989 Porsche Cup and Palm Beach GP winner, achieving the 50th race win for the 962. 

Universally acknowledged as the world’s fastest 962 in period, the Miller car is certainly one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable liveries. Featuring a unique body style, similar to the dominant Nissan GTP cars of the late 80’s, this is the car that famously took Derek Bell to his final 24 hour international race win against the might of the works Jaguar and Nissan factory teams, explaining why he has declared this particular car his “favourite Group C Porsche”. Driven by Derek at Goodwood in 2005 and used by him to open the Amelia Island Concours in 2007. Owned by us the last 8 years.

One of the most extraordinary 962s in the world with an amazingly chequered history, one landmark result and probably the fastest 962 ever built, with arguably the most famous and iconic livery in IMSA, in the USA. Its career started inauspiciously as a factory-built car with a big accident at Daytona in 1985, requiring a new tub.

The opportunity was taken to commission and design a different chassis, which was a stiffer honeycomb item supplied, not by Porsche, but Jim Chapman causing the car to be retitled 962/108 ‘B’.

It did ten IMSA rounds in 1987, scoring a couple of podiums before being crashed again, the tub being changed as a result, and in preparation for 1988, but this 108 ‘B’ chassis has been saved for repair all this time and is now being restored to add to the collection.

The rebuilt car was now called 962/108 ‘C’, with a second Chapman tub, featuring honeycomb construction and a milled billet bulkhead. It took pole on its debut – the 1988 Daytona 24 hours – and, with Wollek, Mauro Baldi and the great Brian Redman at its wheel, was second at the flag after a race-long battle and leading much of the race, in a fight with the new Castrol Jaguar XJR9s and many other 962s. Then its body was extensively modified to look like no other 962 on earth and it raced on in IMSA as 108 ‘C2’, achieving two podiums and never finishing lower than fifth.

In 1989 it was driven back-to-back directly with Porsche’s own Shell Dunlop Lightweight Sprint 962C (009) where it proved 1.75sec quicker at Lime Rock and 2.5sec quicker at Road America.

But its greatest moment came at Daytona that year which Bell, Wollek and John Andretti won outright, against the huge opposition of the factory Jaguar and Nissan teams, scoring the 962’s 50th race victory in just five years. It is also interesting to note that it was the only Porsche win in IMSA that year, with a victory at West Palm Beach, driven by Andretti and Wollek, against the otherwise total domination of the NPTI Nissans.

It was retired at the end of 1989 and has being cherished in collections ever since, with Derek Bell reunited with “his favourite 962” to drive at the 2005 Goodwood Festival of Speed and also an appearance back at Daytona, in demonstration runs at Rennsport 3, in 2007.

It is in this form, resplendent with Miller livery that it exists today.


1985 Season

Race DateRaceDriversCar No.Result
03-04/02/1985Daytona 24-HoursP.Halsmer / R. Knoop/ D. Quester#68DNF - Acc.
Accident demolished front suspension and tub


1987 Season

Rebuilt by Jim Chapman with honeycomb chassis. Chapman Tub CO-1. Now called “962.108B”.

Race DateRaceDriversCar No.Result
01 - 02/02/1987Daytona 24-HoursBob Wollek / D. Brassfield / J. Busby#6762nd NR
01/03/1987MiamiD. Brassfield / B. Wollek#679th
21/03/1987SebringD. Brassfield / B. Wollek / W. Dallenbach#677th
12/04/1987Road AtlantaD. Brassfield / W. Dallenbach#674th
26/04/1987RiversideD. Brassfield / W. Dallenbach#673rd
03/05/1987Laguna SecaB. Wollek#676th
07/07/1987Mid-OhioD. Brassfield / B. Wollek#672nd
21/06/1987W. Palm BeachB. Wollek / D. Brassfield#6714th
26/07/1987PortlandB. Wollek / D. Brassfield#676th
02/08/1987Sears Point:B. Wollek#67NR

Crashed heavily - Tub savable, and still complete – awaiting repair. Rebuilt by Chapman as 962.108C. New tub used. Chapman Tub CO-2

1988 Season

Race DateRaceDriversCar No.Result
30 - 31/01/1988Daytona 24-HoursM. Baldi/ B. Wollek / B. Redman#672nd / Pole
Aerodynamics modified by Roman Slobodydinskij. Short-tail, long-nose. Now re-named as 962.C-02.
27/03/1988MiamiB. Wollek / M. Baldi#67NR
23/04/1988W. Palm BeachB. Wollek#67Disq.
04/06/1988Mid-OhioB. Wollek#675th
02/07/1988Watkins GlenB. Wollek#674th
13/08/1988Sears PointB. Wollek#675th
01/10/1988ColumbusB. Wollek / M. Baldi#673rd
22/10/1988Del MarB. Wollek#673rd


1989 Season - Miller

Shell Dunlop 962c water/water hotrod (Stuck), sent by factory-Lime Rock test-Wollek 1.75 secs quicker there than the 962c. Elkhart Lake 2.5 seconds quicker than 962c. Tire test W. Glen test Busby- back to back test 108 – 3 seconds quicker on Goodyears than Bridgestone tires. Fastest 962 built.

Race DateRaceDriversCar No.Result
04 - 05/02/1989Daytona 24-HoursJ.Andretti / D. Bell / B. Wollek#671st
05/03/1989Miami GPJ.Andretti / D. Bell / B. Wollek#675th
18/03/1989Sebring 12 HoursJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#67DNF
02/04/1989Road AtlantaJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#67DNF 
23/04/1989Palm BeachJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#671st
29/05/1989Lime RockJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#67DNF
04/06/1989Mid-OhioJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#676th
Sold to Kevin Jeannette/ Jeff Hayes. Gunnar Racing
02/07/1989Watkins GlenJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#679th
16/07/1989Road AmericaJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#674th
30/07/1989PortlandJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#676th
13/08/1989TopekaJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#677th
03/09/1989San AntonioJ.Andretti#683rd
03/10/1989Sears PointJ.Andretti#679th
22/10/1989Del MarJ.Andretti / B. Wollek#6713th