Porsche 962-003 BM

One of the most successful World Championship 962s in period.

  • Raced Twice at Le Mans

    10th - 11th June 1989 at the 24 Hours Le Mans: H. Grohs/A. Nakaya/S. v.d. Merwe. 16-17 June 1990 at the 24 Hours Le Mans: H. Huysman/M. Sigala/ B. Santal.

  • High Downforce Sprint Spec

    Retains the original full, high downforce short tail Sprint body, used in period. The original Le Mans body is also included.

  • Carbon Honeycomb Tub

    Very rare, part carbon, part aluminium honeycomb bespoke Thompson chassis example. This particular spec of chassis was commissioned and built for the front running Brun team

  • Complete History

    The history includes Le Mans, Brands Hatch, the Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps - as Hydro Aluminium, From-A & Jagermeister.

1989 Brun Motorsport 'Hydro Aluminium' Porsche 962-003BM


One of the most successful World Championship 962's in period

Both the complete 1989 season original FIA Scrutineer's passbook and the 1990 ONS Wagenpass

Retains the original 1990 Le Mans body as well as the full Sprint spec configuration

Very competitive proposition for historic Group C

Raced in period with high downforce nose and short tail, separate rear wing configuration

Full late works spec "Fully water cooled, MP 1.7" engine

Part of the Historic Porsche Collection since 2001.

PORSCHE 962C - Chassis 962-003BM

1989 Season

9 Apr: 480KM Suzuka: H. Huysman/J. Varjosaari, #5; DNF. HYDRO ALUMINUM.

21 May: Coupe de Dijon: H. Huysman/U. Schafer, #5; 9th.

10-11 Jun: 24 Hours Le Mans:  H. Grohs/A. Nakaya/S. v.d. Merwe, #5; DNF. From A

25 Jun: 200 Meilen Norisring: W. Brun, #3; 5th. JAGERMEISTER.

23 Jul: Brands Hatch Trophy: H. Huysman/F. Konrad, #5; 15th.

6 Aug: ADAC Diepholz: W. Brun, #3; 4th.

20 Aug: ADAC Trophy, Nurburgring: H. Huysman/U. Schafer, #5; 12th.

3 Sep: Donington: H. Huysman/O. Larrauri, #5; 5th. HYDRO ALUMINIUM.

17 Sep: Coupes de Spa-Francorchamps: H. Huysman/U. Schafer, #5; DNF.

24 Sep: ADAC Supersprint Nurburgring: W. Brun, #3; DNF.

29 Oct: Trofeo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexico: H. Huysman/O. Larrauri, #5; 2nd.

1990 Season

29 April: Monza 480Km: M. Sigala/E.Elgh, #17; 12th TORNO.

16-17 Jun: 24 Hours Le Mans: H. Huysman/M. Sigala/ B. Santal, #15; 10th. HYDRO ALUMINIUM.

Sold to Willy Koenig

Raced in Interserie in 1990 (as 962.006BM, which he also owned, awaiting repair)

Featured in full performance figures road test  - June 1989

Featured in the Koenig 962 promotional video

1998: Sold to Tony O’Neill - Currrent livery: 1990 Le Mans Hydro Aluminium, #15,

Original Le Mans body - Also has original short tail body/sprint nose.

Still has 1990 Monza scrutineering label on bulkhead

One of the most successful 1989 World Championship Porsches and two-time Le Mans entrant - 1989-90 Race Results

WSPC 480KM Suzuka 9th April 1989

Round 1 at Suzuka saw the newly built 962-003BM qualify 18th and start well to be deep in to the mid field. A performance all the more commendable for being able to keep the two works Nissans at bay, but an error of judgement from Huysman put a wheel on the grass and sent the Porsche off at the first corner. Beached in the gravel, there was nothing Huysman could do to free the Hydro Aluminium car, which was forced in to retirement.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Repsol Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Juha Varjosaari18thDNF/23 Laps

WSPC Dijon - Official Test 4th May 1989

Over a fortnight before the first European round of the world championship, at Dijon, an official test was held, where Larrauri placed 962-003BM as the 3rd quickest 962, 10th overall on the timing sheets - against the might of the works factroy teams of Sauber Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar and Spice.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumOscar Larraurin/a10th

WSPC Dijon - Race (Coupe de Dijon) 21st May 1989

From 25th on the grid to a 9th place finish; a great result that made the Hydo Aluminium Porsche one of the most improved cars of the race. More impressive still was that time was lost in the pits when contact with a Spice Ford necessitated a nose change. It is also noteworthy that the car finished ahead of any other running what were proving to be the undesirable and difficult Yokohama Radial tyres.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Repsol Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Oscar Larrauri/ Uwe Schäfer25th9th

Le Mans 24 Hours 10th and 11th June 1989

Brun Motorsport had matched the full works Jaguar effort of the 1988 Le Mans 24 hrs by fielding 10% of the 1989 Le Mans grid, the #5 From-A liveried car being the fastest of their Porsche 962 entries. Starting from 9th - the third fastest of 17 Porsche 962s and two places ahead of the eventual winning "Silver Arrow" Sauber Mercedes. 962-003BM made a less than desirable start and set about catching up. By the 6th hour however an ongoing gearbox fault sadly necessated retirement, preserving the car for the important WSPC season.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Brun MotorsportFrom A/ STPAkihiko Nakaya/ Harald Grohs/ Sarel van der Merwe9thDNF (Gearbox)

Supercup Norisring - 200 Meilen von Nürnberg 25th June 1989

A firm favourite with the race fans, the Supercup series always drew enormous crowds to see the fast and action-pack sprint races. The Norisring race at the end of June had the first nine places taken by Porsche 962s. In such tight competition the Brun 962-003BM car driven by Walter Brun himself did well in such a competitive race, to advance from 6th on the grid to finish 5th, a full two laps ahead of the next Joest-entered 962.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM3Jägermeister Brun MotorsportFrom A/ STPWalter Brun6th5th

WSPC Brands Hatch Trophy 23rd July 1989

A 21st place qualifying position didn't stop the Brun-entered, Hydro Aluminium-sponsored Porsche 962 from enjoying a good mid-field dice. The wide C1- class cars almost dwarfed the Druids hairpin tarmac, many tripping over eath other and providing a wondeful spectacle for the Group C fans. 962-003BM avoided the worst of the Brands traffic and came home 15th in an eventful, tough race on the uncooperative Yokohama rubber.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Hydro Aluminium Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Franz Konrad21st15th

Supercup Diepholz - Int. 22. ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Diepholz 6th August 1989

962-003BM had another strong Supercup outing at Diepholz equalling the 6th place grid spot at the Norisring, but going one better and finish 4th. Not only did Walter Brun finish on the same lap as the winning Nissan, but was two laps ahead of the 5th place Porsche 962.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM3Jägermeister Brun MotorsportEternaWalter Brun6th4th

WSPC Nürburgring ADAC Trophy 20th August 1989

Dubbed by On Track as the most exciting race of the year, the Nürburgring ADAC Trophy was dictated by fuel and tyre management - many getting the formula all wrong. The Brun Porsche was piloted brilliantly, Huysman coasting to the flag to avoid running out of fuel.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Repsol Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Uwe Schäfer14th12th

WSPC Donington - Wheatcoft Gold Cup 3rd September 1989

At last, Larrauri found a perfect balance with the Yokohama tyre compunds provided for Donington, proving fast in practice and half a second faster in qualifying. The good showing put Larrauri and Huysman on row 4 of the grid, from where they battled for the lead in a race described as being as exciting as a Formula Ford scrap. By the first pit stops the Brun Porsche was up to 4th and had taken 3rd by half distance. The race soon took a different turn for the top four however, with fuel conservation replacing outright pace. Forced to save fuel, 962-003BM had to slow and was strpped of a 3rd place just before the chequered flag. Although the team were denied a podium, the Hydro car proved that factory backing wasn't always necessary to mingle at the very top.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Hydro Aluminium Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Oscar Larrauri8th5th

WSPC Spa (Coupes de Spa) 17th September 1989

Solid qualifying put 962-003BM right in amongst the action, with the top ten filled-out with the works backed Jaguars, Mercedes, Toyotas and Spices. Full of promise it was a shame to see the car let down by a rogue battery and requiring a push start. Huysman set about reclaiming lost ground, visibly pushing hard and he struggled to make a chicane after putting a wheel on the grass. He justified his "grand attack", saying that he was losing time on the straight and had to make it up in the "twisty parts". The stewards overlooked the spectacle Huysman was putting on and disqualified the car after 10 laps for that push start.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Repsol Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Uwe Schäfer11thDQ (Battery)

Supercup Nürburgring Supersprint - Int. ADAC Bilstein Super Sprint 24th September 1989

With Larrauri putting the Brun 962-006BM car on pole the boss Walter Brun had to perfrom too, if not for the team but surely for his own gratification. A superb time in 962-003BM put him on the second row, with Brun cars book-ending Jochen Dauer's 962 and the Nissan of Julian Bailey. After success in both prior Supercup meetings, 962-003BM was forced to retire this time with engine trouble - a wise decision when you see the car's next result in Mexico.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM3Jägermeister Brun MotorsportEternaWalter Brun4thDNF

WSPC Mexico 29th November 1989

Mexico heralded this 962's best ever finish that, as a privateer Porsche up against the might of the Sauber Mercedes, was nothing short of outstanding. Despite a spin in the pit lane, which took more than the standard 3-point-turn to cure, Huysman and Larrauri transformed their third row start into a second place finish - the final 2nd overall recorded by a 962 in a world championship round. Finally the Yokohama tyres were working in the Brun Team's favour.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM5Repsol Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Oscar Larrauri5th2nd

80KM Monza 29th April 1990

962-003BM's first outing of 1990 once again proved the car's ability to scythe through the field, capitalising on good pace, experience and this car's exceptional reliability. Having advanced no fewer than 18 positions to finish 12th the Porsche, this time wearing a Torno livery, was the most improved finisher.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM17 Brun MotorsportTornoMassimo Sigala/ Eje Elgh30th12th

Le Mans 24 Hours 16th & 17th June 1990

Having qualified less than desiarably 962-003BM settled down to a steady pace, the experienced drivers playing the patient 'long-game' necessary for finishing Le Mans. On both its own merit and the unreliability of others the Hydro Aluminium Porsche, which had worn the From-A livery at last year's Le Mans, was making excellent progress and was soon in an extraordinary 17th place and still forging ahead. 

Save for the #20 Porsche that had started in last place and had the advantage of being able to pass a greater number of slower C2 class cars to finish 19th, 962-003BM was the most improved C1 class car of the race. Taking the chequered flag in an amazing 10th place overall, the distinctive blue and yellow Porsche had made up a staggering 23 positions to achieve the impressive accolade of a Le Mans top ten finish, with 5 Porsche 962's covering from 3rd to 10th place that year - a full 5 seasons after the model.

ChassisRace #EntrantLiveryDriversGrid Pos.Finish Pos.
962-003BM15 Brun MotorsportHydro AluminiumHarald Huysman/ Massimo Sigala/ Bernard Santal33rd10th