Porsche 956B-115

A factory-built effort in identical spec to Porsche's own Rothmans racers, covered in Norisring Gold race winning Liqui Moly livery.






This is the second 956B to reside in the Porsche Historic Collection. Mechanically the same as 956/114 it was bought and run by Porsche Kremer. It’s big claim to fame was leading Le Mans convincingly in 1984 as the Kenwood car for many hours, eventually finishing sixth and in fifth place the following year but mainly by winning the 1984 ‘Money Race’ at the Norisring, though elsewhere and despite the talents of Vern Schuppan, Alan Jones, Manfred Winkelhock, Klaus Ludwig and many others, it’s best result was 4th at the Imola 1,000 kms didn’t trouble the podium again until

It was sold to Renoma Alpha Cubic to race in the Japanese domestic sports car championship and scored three third places podiums in two seasons before being bought back by the Kremer Brothers, restored and returned to Winkelhock’s  victorious Liqui Moly Norisring livery. Like 114, it exists today with full sprint bodywork and a Motronic 2.65-litre engine.


1984 Season

16-17/06/198424 Hours Le MansKenwoodV. Schuppan / A. Jones / J.P. Jarier#116th
30/06/1984Norisring ‘Money Race’Liqui MolyM. Winkelhock#101st
01/07/1984Norisring DRMLiqui MolyM. Winkelhock#102nd
15/07/19841000 Km NurburgringKremerM. Winkelhock / M. Surer#105th
16/09/19841000 Km ImolaKremer WarnsteinerG. Fouche / W. Brun / L. von Bayern#104th
02/12/19841000 Km Sandown ParkSegaM. Winkelhock / R. French,#115th


1985 Season - Pretoria Brick Sponsored

14/04/19851000Km MugelloK. Ludwig / G. Fouche#115th
28/04/19851000 Km MonzaG. Fouche / S. van der Merwe / B. Giacomelli#118th
12/05/19851000 Km SilverstoneG. Fouche / S. van der Merwe / A. Copelli#118th
17-18/05/198524 Hours Le MansM. Hytten / G. Fouche / S. van der Merwe#105th

Sold to Renoma Alpha Cubic, Japan.

28/07/1985500 Miles FujiN. Takahara / C. Totani / T. Suzuki#25th
25/08/19851000 Km SuzukaN. Takahara / C. Totani / T. Suzuki#28th
06/10/19851000 Km FujiN. Takahara / C. Totani #48DNF
24/11/1985500 Miles FujiN. Takahara / C. Totani #23rd

1986 Season - Renoma Alpha Cubic Sponsored

06/04/1986500 Km SuzukaN. Takahara / C. Totani / K. Tohira#28th
04/05/19861000 Km FujiN. Takahara / C. Totani / K. Tohira#27th
20/07/1986500 Miles FujiN. Takahara / C. Totani / K. Tohira#23rd
24/08/19861000 Km SuzukaN. Takahara / C. Totani / K. Tohira#23rd
23/11/1986500 Km Mount FujiN. Takahara / C. Totani / K. Tohira #27th