Porsche 956-001 Works

First ever 956 produced, started from pole position and won Group C driven by Derek Bell and Jackie Ickx at the Silverstone 6hrs in1982.



1982 Season

Built as the first Rothmans Team Car, it ran for the first time at Weissach on March 27th 1982, with Jurgen Barth at the wheel. It was then tested extensively by Barth, Jacky Ickx, Roland Kussmaul and Derek Bell. According to “Excellence Was Expected” it covered 4244 miles in testing before heading to the Silverstone Six Hours, held on May 16th.

With the Bell and Ickx dream team driving, it should have won with ease. And it would have done but for requiring to complete 6 hrs of racing, equalling 1,132 kms, with a fuel allocation for just 1,000 kms. The Lancia LC1 driven by Riccardo Patrese and Michele Alboreto was first over the line because it was a Group 6 car from the previous season and didn’t have to conform to Group C fuel regulations. So while the Lancia could sprint off into the distance using all the fuel it liked, 001 was condemned to an economy run to second place, running lap times 10 seconds off it’s initial race pace and three laps down at the finish, all be it securing the class win for Group C at it’s debut.

It then returned to testing at Weissach and was used for a 30 hour simulation ahead of Le Mans, at which it served all the drivers as the T car while its younger sisters clean swept the podium. It was to do just one more race, a DRM round at the Norisring a week later, Jochen Mass finally earning it the victory it deserved. 001 was then retired and, in turn, given to Jacky Ickx as a retirement present at the end of 1985. Today it exists in standard, original form with a 2.65-litre engine, standard nose and a sprint tail but retains many unique original components, as befits its primary role as the chief test and development car.

History & Results

Car No.TeamYearColoursHistory & Results
956-001WORKS1982ROTHMANSThe first car built. Debut at Silverstone, Bell/ Ickx - class win. Winner Norisring 'gold - money race' - J Mass.

Amongst the most important of all cars in Porsche's history, being their first monocoque race car. Extensively featured in many books, often having several chapters featuring this very car. Invited to the worlds most prestigious events, on both sides of the Atlantic. Many features make this car unique. Given to J. Ickx in 1985 and won best in class Rennsport 3, Daytona '07

1982 Season

Race DateRaceDriversCar No.Result
18/05/19826 Hours SilverstoneJ. Ickx/D. Bell12nd, 1st
19/06/1982Le Mans 24 Hours  T-Car
27/06/1982NorisringJ. Mass101st